Crocodile Pit

Crocodile Pit

These are some photos taken at the “Lubang Buaya” complex in Jakarta, near the Halim Airport. An old military facility, this is said to be the site where seven high ranking Indonesian Army officials where tortured and murdered by “communist traitors” in an attempt to overthrow the government in 1965.

The memorial site consists of huts containing “relics” and life-size figures, depicting scenes of the capture and intimidation of the generals, the well into which the bodies of the generals were disposed of, the Pancasila Monument with a bas relief showing a sequence of events starting from Sukarnos presidency under the NASAKOM priciples until the handover of power to General Suharto, who later became president.









Pretty impressive and haunting piece of state propaganda. The whole place is designed to give you the chills and conjure a sense of indisputable “truth”. Nearby is the “Museum of Communist Treachery”. I can imagine visiting this place as a child can have a long lasting traumatizing effect.

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  1. it doesn’t give me any “chills”. the scene depictions resemble department store mannequins selling military inspired fashions. the statues and relief sculptures are similarly overly posed and uninspired. what’s frightening is that someone funded this monumental failure. if they want to make an impression on children, then they should add animatronics to make the figures dance and sing.