Singapore Startups Radar

Singapore Startups Radar

Several interesting startups were presented at Penn Olson’s first Startup Asia Conference last week in Singapore some of wich I would like to review here.

Innova Tech Anti-loss gear

Manufacture of electronics is Singapore’s economic backbone. So no wonder there are some interesting hardware startups springing up here. This one tackles a very common problem – losing stuff.

Innova Tech has come up with a small credit-card sized, bluetooth-based device you can slip into your wallet, handbag, or attach to whichever item it is you’re concerned about losing. If this item gets within several meters out of the range of your cell phone, you will receive a call.

Despite there being one major flaw to this setup (What if its the mobile phone you’re concerned about losing, huh?!?) I guess its a start.

Enough people seem to think so since Innova Tech has managed to get crwodfunded through indiegogo and even overachieved its funding goal before the campaign ended.. I hope they’ll develop this product further, to make it even more useful!

Hardware startup Vibease

Another hardware startup caught my attention – or your I say xxx-ware? This seems to be a bunny-shaped smartphone controlled vibrator. Vibease, as the device is called, comes with a selection of videos and a chat option to put you in the mood.

What do you think ladies?

Collaboration and image tagging tool

This may not be the most unique idea, but I like the way works! I’ve seen and tried conceptboard and conceptshare, both of which are more powerful I guess, but strips it down to the basic function of uploading an image, (while giving an option to present it on a background image, or stage), add comments which can be associated to specific areas of the image, and sharing it conveniently via url. Everything looks nice and is intuitive to use.

The result is then something like this:

Hoping to see this develop! Threaded comments with each note… share option to twitter after commenting, etc.

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