Women I admire! (random list)

Women I admire! (random list)

I’m not exactly a feminist. I’m not even a very political person. But I’m a woman and I suddenly realized I don’t really know that many women and there are definitely more men than women in the group of people I would call my “professional network”. That sucks! Which is why I went and joined  the recent netfeminism meetup here in Berlin. Hopefully, strengthening the ties among each other and making us more visible, in a way, will lead to less male-dominated events and conferences and more and more women being recognized for the good stuff they do, online and offline.

So while I’m on this train of thought, I made a mental list of women that have inspired me lately and which I truly admire. Why not write this down here and repeat the exercise every now and then.

Here we go:

1. Régine Debatty

I don’t know her personally at all, but from the outside it looks as though Régine leads the life of my dreams! She’s the main writer of one of the coolest blogs I know, we make money not art. She reports on cutting edge technology, arts and sciency stuff, right up my alley and she’s always on the move. I can check into WMNA any time of day, any day, and I’ll find a mind boggling story worth exploring. I got in touch with the Open Sailing collective after reading a WMNA article, and though this project is at the moment dormant for me, I’m so glad to have met César. Oh and I have tried to get Régine to speak at Pecha Kucha Berlin during my time there, but unfortunately it never worked out due to scheduling problems. Doesn’t matter – one day I’ll meet you, Régine, and give you a big long hug, hehe.

2. Mercedes Bunz

She founded de:bug. Nuff said. Too bad she’s left Berlin for London but on the other hand good for her. She still writes some incredibly smart stuff.

3. Tina Fey

I was never all that much into 50Rock or knew much about Tina Fey until I heard some podcast with her as a guest. Somehow that intrigued me to find out more and then I got the audiobook version of “bossypants” read by herself and I realized I find her sooo funny that I’m even giving 50Rock another chance. Too bad she’s not on twitter. (Yet? Yet??)

4. Gina Trapani

Gina is my favorite person on this week in google! While the guys are sometimes bragging and repetitive, Gina is always modest, funny, sharp as a knife and always has an interesting perspective to add. She’s a hacker, entrepreneur and what not. Yay!

5. Jane Bussmann

Although I was only at one book reading of hers in Berlin, and that was by accident, the memory of that evening is still fresh in my mind! I mean, who is gutsy enough to go to Uganda – alone – in some sort of investigative journalism mission and turn that whole experience into an extremely funny book? Uhh.. no one? Except Jane Bussmann? Read the book, or go to one of her shows!

6. Dr. Kiki

I listen to Dr. Kiki twice a week, at Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour and This Week in Science! The first is an interview show featuring one guest on one science topic, the other is a weekly roundup of the craziest and most relevant science news which she does together with a (sometimes a little annoyingly self-confident) male co-host. Dr. Kiki definitely holds together both shows. And she’s also a role model for showing how to be a scientist, podcaster and mom all in one. Sometimes her baby cries a little during the recording sessions, but that’s ok.

7. Ela Kagel

A networker and enabler of ideas and events, Berlin wouldn’t be the same without her! She was a curator at transmediale, made tons of events happen, like the workshop series “Free culture incubator“. Can’t wait til her new project space Supermarkt  finlly opens – this will be sometime in November. Will be a reason to make the trip up to Wedding more frequently.

I now realize I probably should have done this post on Ada Lovelace day – like Mercedes Bunz did in this article for the guardian! Next year, then.

2 Replies to “Women I admire! (random list)”

  1. I’m always curious when women say they’re not feminists. Why not support the idea of equal rights between women and men?

  2. Hey Martin! Thanks for your comment. When I say I’m not a ‘feminst’ I mean I am not particularly educated and versed in the theoretical and historical/political concepts of feminism. I do support equal rights between men and women. totally, without even thinking about it twice. That this is still not the case is painful and embarrassing to our society.